Dear Friends,
Welcome to IBPJA.

General Secretary

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the official website of IBPJA. This site will serve as a great support for the Indian blind and para Judokas, Referees and Officials to keep them updated with the latest news activities and calendar of IBPJA .

My first taste of Blind Judo came, when, to my utter surprise and pleasure, I got a nomination for the Guangzau Para Asian Games-2010 from International Blind Judo Federation. How I felt on my first day of refereeing in the Para Asian Games, cannot be penned down or expressed, when my seniors taught me to hold on to the blind player on my side by inter – twining my fingers with him and tucking his forearm under my arm, and then leading him to the playing area. I had butterflies in my stomach and a very calm, silent sensation flooded over me. And seeing those blind judokas playing, left me speech less. That day, I really and truly realised that we people, with eyes, often miss out the fine prints of our lives, while the people without their eyes, do a much better job of SEEING things in their own special way. I came back from Guangzau, thinking positively that I would go further in this Para side of Judo. But as time passed, I got into the daily visicious cycle of my routine, and this resolution of mine, took a back seat.

But probably Allah wanted me to do my bit. I was once again nominated for a Para event – this time, the Para World Championship at Antalaya, Turkey. It was during this trip that I finally took the initiative and set the ball rolling towards the formation of the IBPJA.